About the Mission Cruise

In 1999, Dan and Jane Pierson took a cruise to the Caribbean for fun. Little did they know that this cruise would change their lives! While in Roatan Honduras, they contracted a young man (Eric) to show them the island. As they spent the day with him, he shared his dreams and aspirations to someday become a lawyer so that he could help his people. They were able to begin a conversation with him about faith, but the day ended before being able to share the gospel with him.

Once back on the ship, Dan and Jane felt compelled that they had to do more for these people. Soon they found out about a group that would be traveling back to Roatan later that year. They signed up to go in hopes that they could meet up with Eric and share the gospel with him. They indeed were able to and Eric shared that he in fact had accepted Christ as Savior just a short time prior. After the completion of that trip, Dan and Jane contacted Don Shire (Dan’s uncle) about using a cruise ship for a mission vessel. Our first official Mission Cruise was in 2001. We have been cruising back to these islands and Caribbean countries now for 20 years!

As we think of Eric’s dream to become a lawyer so that he could help his people we could become discouraged because his dream did not come true. However, because of Eric and our short visit with him – the mission cruise was born and many lives have indeed been changed! Children’s Homes have been built, prisoners have accepted Christ and thousands of men, women and children have heard the gospel message.

So, Eric, if you ever read this – be encouraged! You indeed have helped thousands!!!! Thank you!